Tucked away in the Regency heart of Gloucestershire, steps away from the Town Hall, the Isbourne Holistic Centre is a leading UK pioneer and an urban sanctuary for wellbeing and spiritual development.

Registered as a charity 1995, the Isbourne's aim is to create positive lives through education.

The Isbourne attracts top international authors and speakers for talks, workshops and courses. The eclectic mix of Guest Speakers has ranged from global spiritual teachers like Byron Katie and Brandon Bays, to ground-breaking scientists like Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr David Hamilton and conscious and intrepid explorers like BBC TV vicar Peter Owen Jones, ‘Horse Boy’ Rupert Isaacson, Graham Hancock and Benedict Allen.

The Isbourne’s education programme has featured local tutors in a diversity of mind-body-spirit subjects, from Yoga, Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Meditation, NLP and Stress Management, to Belly Dance, Astrology and Psychic Studies. Over the years, as the well-being industry has become increasingly mainstream, the Isbourne’s courses have become accessible to a wider audience and the emphasis has shifted to offering practical skills for dynamic, vital, fun and soulful modern living. 

  • Wolseley Terrace
  • Rose Room
  • Amethyst Room
  • Room 8
  • Room 7

In addition, the Isbourne's Affilated Therapists offer a range of complementary therapies from Naturopathy, EFT, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Craniosacral Therapy to Singing, Family Constellations work and Reflexology. Please call us directly for individual therapist's contact details. 
Picture of David Hamilton

I love presenting my work at the Isbourne, I’ve been there more times than anywhere else. There’s a lovely energy there, the people are really warm and friendly, there’s always a big crowd, and it’s great to be affiliated to a centre that’s putting out so much good to the world – not just with the education centre, but also with its various benevolent charitable projects in the wider world.”   Dr David Hamilton – scientist / author of Why Kindness is Good for You and other bestselling books.

 “For me the Isbourne is like a well, a beacon of light. It’s a place of nourishment, knowledge and inspiration, and a place for meeting like-minded people with a positive slant on life. Amid all the darkness and destruction you read about in the media, the Isbourne holds up a torch to show what’s really real. As our usual security buffers like money melt away in recession and we witness the collapse of the old order, at the Isbourne Centre you can find another way, a path of the heart which is reflected in the eyes of the people who gather there. There is nowhere else like it.”  Lizzy Swadling - Isbourne Centre student

For further information about the Isbourne and its courses, or to hire one of our rooms for your own event, please contact the office.

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