Jaimie Cahlil

 Psychospiritual Psychotherapy & Counselling - soulful, down-to-earth approach

Transpersonal psychospiritual psychotherapy is a down-to-earth soulful profoundly transformative approach …which explores our authentic relationship with our constant companion, our very own being – together with our often painful stumbling human-ness. Here we are invited to explore our many-layered self…to whatever depth we wish. Generally, the process encompasses our innermost presence, self-awareness and self-honesty, self-guidance, self-assertiveness, our feelings, narratives, and beliefs – and a natural awakening and deepening of consciousness and mindfulness. I consider such a journey truly nourishing for the soul – as well as an investment in genuine quality of life.

Ours is an era of widespread stress through disconnection from our natural human state. This affects our sense of being, relationships with others, and existential meaning. Sooner or later, this may create a crisis, or a gradual sense of …lost-ness, emptiness, longing and grief, stress, anxiety, confusion, knowing something is ‘wrong’, ‘greyness’ or lack of aliveness …perhaps accompanied by such core questions as ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is life about?’, or ‘Is this all there is?’ …and a longing for something more.

I’m a well-experienced psychotherapist, having established my initial practice in 2002. My therapy trainings include ‘Integrative Counselling’ and ‘Transpersonal Psychotherapy’. My professional background also comprises fine art, education, psychiatric care, meditation & mindfulness – and life). I am an Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling (BACP) and Psychotherapy, and a Registered Member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

FEES – for the standard 50-minute ‘counselling hour’:

  • One-to-one psychotherapy for individuals (over 18): £55.00
  • Couples therapy (particularly for those who choosing to explore and/or deepen their relationship in a soulful way): £65.00


Please feel welcome to contact me, either by phone (07579964220) or email (jaimie.cahlil@gmail.com ) to discuss therapy and/or book your initial session.

THERAPY WEBSITE: www.cahlil-therapy.co.uk

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