Janie Whittemore

Reiki Master and Reflexologist - Using Universal Life Force Energy to Heal and Re-balance

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Both Reiki and Reflexology are holistic practices, meaning that they treat the whole person, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Holistic practitioners do not see people as a collection of symptoms. 

Reiki is  'healing in which Universal Life Force Energy (also called Chi, Prana, Qi) is channelled into something or someone to help them become clear, balanced and healthy'.

 We need to address the mental, emotional and spiritual origins of disease so we can heal ourselves at a causal level. Medicines can cause side-effects and they often mask the underlying causes of disease.

Learning Reiki will help you heal yourself and others physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, easing pain of almost any kind. It will also accelerate the spiritual growth of the giver and the receiver.

Reiki is applied to a recipient through the clothes. The practitioner's hands work on or around the recipient's body to re-balance the body, its energy centres and the aura.

Reflexology is  applied to the feet but can include the hands and head too, giving a wonderful sense of relaxation to the whole body.  The feet have points that refer to every part of the body and its organs. Everything is worked on during a session, and any key areas that are imbalanced can be given extra focus so that well-being can be restored.  A holistic therapy - balancing mind, body and soul, reflexology is usually given once a week over a six-week period and then the situation is reviewed, although one session is also fine.  

About Janie:

A Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner for 18 years, she studied reflexology in London, qualifying in 1999 with Distinction.
Took the Reiki Level 1 degree in 1998 in London and Reiki Level 2 in 2001 at Skyros, Greece with Mari Hall. 
In 2003, she travelled to Northern Thailand and lived there for 6 years, becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2005, in both Usui Reiki and Shamballa Reiki Healing.
Took another Usui Reiki Master training level in 2015.
Completed the practitioner training for Havening Techniques in 2015; now completing case studies towards being a fully qualified practitioner.

Previously the Isbourne Centre Manager (2008 - 2015) her time is now spent teaching and treating with Reiki, Reflexology and Havening Techniques.

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