Joy Wisdom

Founder of Allonus ‘Zest of Life’® - Allonus LiGHt Healing programme - Dissolve & Resolve Emotions® (D.A.R.E™) Practitioners Therapy programme

Joy Wisdom - A leading Light for the Aquarian Age  

Since 2000 Joy designed and delivered a range of workshops, personal development courses, facilitated meditations, network days, given talks on health issues and children’s needs for the Aquarian Age.   Mother of two and based in North Wales.

Joy Wisdom founder of the ‘ZEST of Life’.  A complete support programme supporting facts and solutions. Joy visioned new ways of developing alternative understanding, with higher consciousness. Creating awareness developing new life paths for humanity and children.

Launched 2010 – New Clinical Therapy - Dissolve and Resolve Emotions® (D.A.R.E™) pioneering integrated practitioners programme, with radical health changes and outcomes): Allonus LiGht Healing support programme. The two-armed programmes (CPD approved) are based on an epiphany about the role this work would have in the development of humanity. 

Practitioner and Teacher - Since 1997 Joy specialised in psychological, emotional issues/ trauma especially around women and children.

Pioneers new phenominon ‘Inherited Generational Trauma and absorption’ (IGTA).  Formed and absorbed from the womb with Foetal origins to live from.  Base line living handed down through the ages.

Author – 2010 wrote re-anidotal findings from Pregnancy, Infertility and Birth ( emotional impacts not talked about for mother and child) a broad-spectrum book about women’s and children’s health: 2012 ‘Shell of Soul’ secrets revealed the consequences of past life influences and health issues, hidden from view: Range of Articles published nationally. 

New books 2017 Global Reach Earth Inspired:   Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption.

Channels Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene/Ascended Masters. Involved in many spiritual teachings, bringing in new information for the Aquarian age.   A Healer and Earth-worker travelled the Globe, involved in planetary healing and supporting Gaia for over 20 years.

Joy founded the ‘One Generation Project’ - a not-for-profit programme of education/ preventative health care.   To create a unique healthcare programme with early intervention and preventative health being the key to change in our society. 

Joy Wisdom Awarded ‘Inspirational Woman of 2015’ sought after inspirational speaker, Author, visionary educator and Healer. A clinical practitioner with two decades clinical experience.Founder Allonus ZEST of Life® and Dissolve and Resolve Emotions® (DARE™) intuitive practitioner training, plus a range of courses: Involved in Global Reach Earth Healing, a Spiritual Innovator, bringing in new radical information and energies for the Aquarian Age. See You Tube interviews. &     

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