Kate Collier


Kate facilitates Identity-oriented Constellations looking at “Who am I and What do I want in my life right now? And what gets in the way of truly fulfilling my dreams?”

Through an Intention for the constellation and the somatic resonance of others, you see and understand how you adapted to your earliest attachment experience and the effect that has had in relating to yourself and others.

This brings shifts in your sense of yourself, frees you to be who you truly are and not what others want you to be, and brings a healthier way of relating to others in the balance between intimacy and autonomy. Issues around pre-birth / infant trauma – often trans-generational and the impact on personal relationships, mental / physical health and well-being, work and what we want can be explored safely through your intention for the constellation.

In workshops, by working with an Intention, we become aware of our healthy, trauma and survival parts of ourselves. Step by step we gently integrate these parts, freeing ourselves to make informed choices and to relate differently to those we love.

The method we use is developed by Professor Franz Ruppert (Psychology, Munich) and the wider international community.

Kate has studied and facilitated constellations for 10 years. Starting with an immersion training in family constellations in the USA with Bert Hellinger, she did further training in systemic constellations with Dr Dimitrina Spencer and Dr Albrecht Mahr in Oxford.  She has completed  5 years of training / study in Identity-oriented Constellations with Vivian Broughton and Franz Ruppert. Kate ran a workshop on the Trauma of Medical Intervention at the IoPT Conference in Munich in Oct 2016 , has contributed to a book by Franz Ruppert on physical illness and co-edited ‘becoming your true self’ by Vivian Broughton.

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