Kelly Peacey

 From a young age, Kelly was aware there was so much more to life than what we sense with our five senses, and what a ‘normal’ up bringing would have us believe. Being incredibly sensitive to energies, she soon learned that in fact she was using what is commonly termed clairvoyant, psychic and intuitive skills, which were natural.

This further increased her interests in subjects including, Crystal Healing, Past Lives, Dowsing, Spirit Release, Universal Laws, Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Ascended Master and Angel Healing and Ascension Techniques and much more.

Bringing all her training and interests together she teaches the importance of managing your energies within yourself and your environment, in the hope of distilling a more compassionate, harmonious and fulfilling life for ALL, with Love, Light, Peace and Truth as our eternal teachers.

Her teaching style is warm and friendly with an emphasis on lots of practical, as she learned wisdom is to be experienced and not only taught. Kelly’s classes are an opportunity for personal self development and spiritual growth.

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