Carol Green

A Spiritual Medium and Tutor for several years standing, Carol is very committed to her work and had gained a reputation for her honesty and practical approach. She took the decision two years ago to professionally align herself with the Isbourne Centre because of their values and intentions of bringing high quality, reputable fellow professionals within their organisation.

Carol is a great believer in how our own energy and that around us can be utilised to help us in our daily lives. Courses will cover the basic principles of our intuition, our psychic ability and ultimately how to connect with the spiritual world, the responsibility this brings and how to evaluate and deliver the information in an acceptable way to the public whether in a private sitting or public demonstration within the confines of the law.

Carol also does private consultations, selective trance workshops, group sittings, talks/discussions, spiritual counselling, 'ghost busting' (clearing homes, and sometimes people of attachments or negative energy build up).

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