Kathryn Buxton

I have been involved in teaching for the last 25 years and work part time at a large primary school in Cheltenham. A few years ago I faced a challenging time and after reading a book by the Tibetan nun, Pema Chodron, decided to try meditation. After a few false starts I went on a silent meditation retreat at Gaia House. It was a transforming experience and since that time, 10 years ago, I have been committed to a daily meditation practice. I started teaching meditation to friends and family and last summer trained with the British School of Meditation and am delighted to be teaching at the Isbourne Centre.

A regular meditation practice can bring so many benefits. For me, the most amazing discovery has not just been the peace and calm it brings; but the flowering of the heart and the ability to stand back from my life and observe my mind. It makes the challenges in life so much more do-able to realise I am not my thoughts.

There is nothing more wonderful than the energy that comes from a meditation group and if you have an established meditation practice, I hope you will join me as we explore mindfulness and the beautiful loving kindness meditation. My teaching style is relaxed and inclusive with a liberal smattering of humour!


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