Is there a certain subject you’d like to find out more about in a way that doesn’t require you to join a class or put yourself out there? Maybe you’re thinking of taking up a new hobby and want to see what your options are, or perhaps you want to find out more about something you’ve read a bit about that sounded interesting.

How To… Thursdays are a series of free informal talks on the subjects you’ve always wondered about. Introductory and accessible to absolutely anyone, we’ll present you with all the information you need and then leave you to take it wherever you want.

The holistic world is vast and various, encompassing everything from massage to crystal healing, and, despite the “weird and wacky” stereotypes often associated with some of its more esoteric offerings, all holistic really means is “whole”. It’s about being aware of how mind and body are connected, looking at the bigger picture rather just treating a symptom, and helping you to help yourself to live healthier and happier. It’s a fascinating field, full of practical and empowering skills and tips that are there for the taking!

Our launch night on Thursday 11th May features Colin Clark with How To… Avoid Being Psychic, and we’re pushing the boat out and throwing in some free nibbles to celebrate this exciting start to the series!

There’s a bit of a stigma attached to “being psychic”. But what if you’re curious about the more unusual skills and abilities we have? Is it possible to explore and develop these without having to conform to traditional stereotypes? Colin Clark will talk you through how to more freely explore the fascinating power of your own mind without ever needing to think of yourself as psychic.

Come along from 7.30pm and see for yourself!

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