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A One- Day Seminar by Joy Wisdom


Joy believes that we carry health and mental influences that are not necessarily from our own experience.


Essentially, we inherit trauma and stress. Dependent upon hormonal response, foetal memories can be passed down from generation to generation, sometimes bypassing the hard-wiring of the brain. These memories can become an emotional default and even used as coping strategies for life. Joy calls this the ‘Sins of The Fathers’.

Recent psychological studies agree with Joy’s findings. Experts have linked the Holocaust terrors to present day generations, who were not directly involved in the event but who are living out the outcome. Queens University links ‘the troubles’ in Ireland to the present day high suicide rate in Northern Ireland. A New York psychologist has linked Post Traumatic Stress disorder to low cortisol levels passed down from the parents. These findings suggest that we need to look back three generations to find answers.
Joy advocates that we need to go back even further and has some anecdotal evidence to prove her point, - in facts she finds that in majority of cases three generations is not enough. What is agreed is that to some extent we take on echoes of another’s life. Emotions and mind-sets can be inherited from parents, foetal origins, lineage and more – and this is the tip of the iceberg.
We are creating more dysfunction and disorders are becoming worse. For instance the statistics for children with mental health issues are at a new high.
Trainer Joy teaches practitioners and therapists how to work with Birth Trauma, Anxiety, PTS, PND, abuse and emotional trauma, using innovative techniques that work with all ages.
These methods are helping dissolve trauma and the emotional patterns that we have absorbed from our parents and generational dominance. Essentially we live others values, beliefs and conditioned through culture with outdated living.

Joy Wisdom is the founder of Allonus ‘ZEST of Life’ Programme. She is an author, and was awarded Inspirational Woman of 2015 and Commitment to Excellence 2015 (Aspire magazine). Joy has found links to Generational Absorption and Trauma since mid-millennia. She has taught professionals since 2010.

Times : 10.00am - 4.30pm  

Cost: £55.00 - Book your place early

Dates: Cheltenham (The Isbourne Centre) 14th September ; London 6th November & Edinburgh 4th December

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Isbourne Fringe 2016

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paul goddard

by Paul Goddard  

Recorded Full Moon Summer Solstice (Strawberry Moon)

I was fortunate to have our friend at the Isbourne, Sarah, text me about an interesting talk that was coming to the Isbourne.  I got a sudden feeling that “Yes” this would be right for me.  The talk was by Miguel Dean and I’m very glad that I went along.  Just the other day I came across a quote “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.  Although it is unclear who originally said these words each one of us in our lives have at one time judged somebody.  Peo

ple would undoubtedly have judged Miguel in his former life that of a New Age Traveller; beggar; living in Communes etc.  Like the Dr David Hamilton interview and his wonderful book “I Heart Me”, Miguel’s book “Stepping Stones in the Mist” is incredibly honest. Miguel_Dean.jpg

The tipping point for Miguel was when a friend of his, who was high on drugs, woke him up with a small axe raised about his head threatening to strike him. At this point Miguel realised that he had to change his life around – he had seen a lot of his friends die through overdoses, suicides etc. and it dawned on him that he had to get out. But he didn’t know how. Eventually he decided to see a counsellor and through a series of synchronicities after not being able to find somebody who could help, the right person came at the right time.  The most important thing that Miguel received from the sessions with the counsellor was that there was no judgement, he really cared and listened at a very deep level.

Through a long journey that encompassed meditation, retreats, tai chi, and courses on being a counsellor himself plus many other self-help therapies, Miguel has become a very apt teacher. He is especially good with troubled youngsters as he himself had a difficult childhood which helps him to relate. All in all Miguel would argue that the troubles he went through has made him the person he is today. Meeting Miguel and interviewing him in his home I could see that he has a serenity and calmness about him and an inner knowing that things are always as they should be. I hope you find the interview interesting and if you read his book you will understand fully what a tremendous shift has taken place in his life. 

Watch Paul's interview with Miguel here


Psychophonetics was founded by Yehuda Tagar in the late 1980s, and is based on Anthroposophy or ‘soul wisdom’– which was founded by Rudolph Steiner; applied psychosophy – a term also used by Steiner; humanistic psychology and the expressive arts.yehuda

Yehuda Tagar founded psychonetics in South Africa and has taught it since the early eighties. It is a person centred modality in which the soul is counselled and empathised with, allowing the client to feel heard, taking into account their body, mind and especially their soul. It offers a conversational phase as well as an action phase in each session, in which each person's inner and outer experiences are valued and personal responsibility is encouraged. The client's experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are explored, - encouraging each person to become more self aware, orientated, empowered and resourceful in their life. Psychophonetics practitioners are now working in the major cities of Australia, as well as South Africa, England, Germany and Europe. You have an opportunity to learn from the originator of this teaching!
Yehuda is running two psychophonetics events this month: -

1 -Self-Awareness, Self-Healing and Self-Mastery with Psychophonetics
This day workshop looks at how to be free by a process of self -awareness and personal change.
Its powerful shifts are brought about by extending consciousness via Sensing, Gesture, Visualisation and Sounds, enabling you to become objective and self-aware – the foundation for self-healing. You will learn about being more connected, overcoming your fears and how to change your reactions.

2 - Introduction to Methodical Empathy
Why are we so often disappointed when we look for empathy from others?
Where it be from family, work colleagues, governments – we often find it is not forthcoming in the way we would like. This workshop offers an alternative; to be able to empathise with ourselves first, through choice, creating a shift in expectations.
Some people are born with just a few of the seven ‘stages’ of empathy, but all of us can learn to grow our empathy because it can be taught. Not all empathy is positive, and identifying how we can be manipulated creates a necessary self-awareness. Each person chooses to develop self-empathy as they want.

If you want to attend either event book here:
Self-Awareness, Self-Healing and Self-Mastery with Psychophonetics
Introduction to Methodical Empathy

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