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Suffering is Optional, says Byron Katie

Credited with transforming millions of lives around the world, Byron Katie is the founder of the life-changing process of inquiry called 'The Work' and the bestselling author of Loving What Is and various other books. She recently did The Work with Oprah, which has been endorsed by Eckhart Tolle as 'a great blessing for this planet'.

Byron Katie gives an interactive talk for the Isbourne on Friday 29th January 2010 at the Pump Room in Cheltenham, entitled 'Loving What Is - An Evening with Byron Katie' in which she'll  introduce The Work and participate with audience volunteers, helping everyone to benefit from her approach to self-inquiry and revealing how it can bring you a happy life.

In this article, she discloses how she overcame her own suffering by learning 'to love what is' and ceasing to argue with reality.

12th May,1928 - 19th October, 2009

Some Isbourne friends of long standing may remember Diana, a painter who was well known to the Isbourne. Sadly, Diana Tovey-Khan passed away on Monday 19th October 2009 at Gloucester General Hospital. The service for her was held at Cheltenham Crematorium on Friday 30thOctober, organised by her son Richard who returned from Brazil.


Renowned spiritual pioneer and teacher William Bloom invites you to play a part in growing the holistic movement and in providing a platform for intercommunication and support.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has come of age, reports therapist Diane Holliday, and is in hot demand from her clients.   She explains how EFT works, the benefits to be gained, and highlights forthcoming Isbourne workshops and courses.

Every illness is a gift of transformation, says Gill Edwards, celebrated author of Living Magically, endorsing the wisdom of the new paradigm medicine. She shares her remarkable self-healing journey through cancer, and explains how, in uncovering the root causes of her dis-ease, she was able to create a healthier and happier life.


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