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Our Key Speaker:  Helena Cavan of The Milestone Detox  

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My Secret Sauce: ‘Detoxify - Nutrify - Energise’   

In this fast-paced presentation, Helena Cavan, Director of The Milestone Detox, will share her top three secrets to health and vitality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nine out of ten of us will die from chronic disease. Helena’s mission is to change these odds and help us be ‘transformed for life’. juice1
Hear about the amazing results she is achieving. If you are interested in increased energy, weight loss, disease reversal and raising your personal frequency, then this is for you!   

Cost: £10.00 - BOOK EARLY!

Come and be part of the fun at the much loved Isbourne Open Day in May. Treat yourself to a wander around the Centre’s lovely buildings where you will find stalls, demonstrations, talks, classes and readings!  Something for everyone!

Lots of free things to experience and some with just a small cost!

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NLP Practitioner Training – Includes Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification - Accredited by the ABNLP

WeGetYou  In Just 1 fun filled week you will discover powerful and proven information that will make the rest of your life easier, more successful, less stressful and much, much more...

We Get You run specialist workshops and training programs designed provide you with knowledge, tools and techniques that will serve you and those around you well with 3 valuable certifications in just 1 week of training.

  • Would you like to develop skills that enabled you to never feel stuck in a mood you don’t want to be in?
  • Would you like to learn simple exercises that you can use yourself, or with clients or the loved ones you want to help, that eliminate unwanted beliefs or behaviours that get in the way of confidence, happiness and self-esteem?
  • Would you like to be able to master skills that will make you more effective at work or in business such as rapport and negotiation strategies?
  • Would you like to understand how your mind works and have lots of techniques to use to get it operating how YOU want it to?
  • Would you like to have a mental toolkit that allowed you to let go of old emotions, memories, beliefs or behaviours that block you from living life on your own terms?

If you said Yes to any of the above, and if you want to live up to and beyond your potential then call us to book you place on our upcoming NLP workshop.

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March 2016

Do you love yourself? 

When I was asked this question as a small child I would reply “No”.  Although I was happy and contented, I had picked up from somewhere, probably school, that self-love was vain and not the right thing to do.  Through training as a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I discovered that self-love is incredibly important and maybe even something that would make us healthy and possibly live longer.  So then when anybody asked me if I loved myself I would say truthfully and honestly “Yes, I love myself” ….. or at least I thought I did.  Like anyone who works with self-development it’s important to walk your talk.  However, maybe a self-love issue that I struggled with was that I would be heavily influenced by others.  I would always be the first to apologise even if I didn’t feel it was my fault or I was to blame.  I would rather go along with the flow and not stand up and say “No” or “Let’s do this” or even “I’m going to do that”.  Like boxes of unwanted stuff put away hidden in a loft, not to be seen or touched.  I would at an unconscious level dismiss and sweep aside those parts of my personality that I felt were weak. 


I interviewed Dr. David Hamilton this year at the Isbourne Centre.  I asked him about self-love and the placebo effect, among other things.  During the interview he talked about the fascinating mind/body connection.  In particular how somebody, by just taking a sugar pill and believing it to be the drug that was going to help them, can create within their body the correct chemicals to heal themselves.    

 Hamilton David

David was incredibly honest in his book I Heart Me and I could draw conclusions between self-love and the techniques that he mentioned from the Harvard Power Pose and listing gratitude to the placebo effect.  By using these tools we can create our own pharmacy in our bodies to bring about happiness, contentment and most importantly self-love.  So David inspired me to be honest with you too.  I have created so much more happiness in my life, belief and confidence in myself through using self-hypnosis and NLP and I have been able to share my training with others.  Discovering self-worth and confidence is like climbing a mountain and feeling maybe we’ll never reach the peak. And perhaps when we have reached that summit we see another summit that will take us even higher.  The main thing is to keep on trying and improving ourselves.  We may slip down a few feet on this metaphorical mountain, I know at times I have, but if we keep facing the direction we want to go in what once seemed difficult becomes easier and easier. 


Imagine waking up tomorrow and your life is perfect in every way.  You have all the money to do everything you ever wanted to do, you live in your dream home in your ideal location and you have all the self-love and confidence you need, finding yourself surrounded by like-minded people.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  However, life would be over, there would be nothing to reach for, nothing to improve upon yourself, nothing to excite you.  I know I have some miles left to go but when I look back to where I was many years ago I can see how far I have come. 

I’d like to thank David for his time with me and showing us that we can find our own voice and embrace vulnerability. 

I hope you enjoy David’s interview, listen to it as many times as you need to. 

Through David’s work and through the wonderful talks, workshops and therapists at the Isbourne Holistic Centre you can awaken your potential and become an example of how wonderful this journey in life can be.  I believe in you.  So together let’s stand up, find our own voice, embrace our strengths and our vulnerabilities and become a shining light for others to follow. 

watch/listen to David Hamilton interview with Paul Goddard on Youtube

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Thursday May 19th 2016 6.00pm- 8.00pm                                                                     advertisement

McCarthyInternational New Age Teacher, Channel and Psychic Paul McCarthy invites you to attend this unique presentation and for some participants to receive personal Readings to explore this subject.

Who Are You? Your answers to this question define your levels of happiness and well-being, your chances of success in life, your level of consciousness, level of Ascension as well as your ability to manifest. 

It is THE BIG QUESTION! In this 2 hour talk Paul discusses how we can look at this from different angles and how this opens up new and profound opportunities for us. The talk is designed to be supportive, humorous and thought provoking.

Paul welcomes participants from all walks of life, both experienced New Age seekers as well those who are just curious and wish listen to more and perhaps receive a reading.    

Paul McCarthy is an experienced and successful International New Age Teacher, Channel and Psychic and he has given more than 200 workshops and presentations around the world as well as 1000’s of readings to individuals.

+ READINGS Available to book for Friday 20th morning at the The Isbourne Holistic Centre

email to arrange:

Booking and Information                                               

Sartori Penny 2Perspectives on Death

This April at the Isbourne, we have two very different events, both dealing with the subject of death but from quite different perspectives.

SartoriThere have been countless stories of those who have returned to live a full life having gone through a Near Death Experience (NDE). Medical researcher Dr Penny Sartori undertook the UK's largest long-term study of them and was awarded a PhD in 2005. She believe that NDEs have very real life changing effects, and that the messages brought back by those who have experienced them are too important to be overlooked.  With her experience of caring for dying patients coupled with her vast knowledge of NDEs, she speaks with authority on this subject and has received worldwide attention and media coverage, attracting the attention of HRH Prince Charles. 

What can we gain from understanding NDEs better? Can they improve our quality of life, now? Will we be able to live in a deeper, more meaningful way? Dr Sartori believes we can all benefit from such knowledge.

Her workshop The Wisdom of Near Death is on Saturday 30th April from 10am - 2pm, and you can book your place here.


 In order to become fully alive, we need to face our fears of death. In another talk relating to death and explored from a more personal perpective, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Anne Geraghty tells us how much truth there was in this phrase for her when her son, Tim Guest, died. 

Despite having meditated and prayed, experienced retreats and shamanic rituals, been a psychotherapist and run international workshops, Anne's understanding of life was turned on its head. Her old life ended. What had happened to her son? Where was he? In her search she began exploring the very nature of death itself. She views death as her greatest teacher.

Geraghty Her book Death, The Last God, contains intellectual understanding as well as personal wisdom – and much more. This really is a modern Book of the Dead. 

 Come and hear Anne speak at our Guest Speaker event Love and Death on Monday 18th April, 7pm. She will be available for chat and book signing afterwards. Anne Geraghty


Anne Geraghty was a Clinical Psychologist and worked with R.D. Laing. She wrote for the original Spare Rib. She became a disciple of Osho in the ‘70s. She ran workshops on love and relationships all over the world. Then her son Tim Guest died and her old life died too. She now runs workshops on death and dying.



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