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Don't miss the comeback of Vernon Frost at The Isbourne!
Sunday 24th April 2016                               9.30am – 5.00pm  

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This is your time, your moment in life, take action now on changing your thoughts, beliefs and habits while letting go of all that holds you back from living life to the fullest. In a Dream state you are the victim of whatever you are experiencing. You can not rule your Life. Awakening makes you aware of the big picture and gives you choices. Once you awaken, the sense of separation ends. Learn how to help yourself on a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological level, and to become the person you were destined to be!

Vernon is a breath of fresh air!!!  He has a humorous, approachable style and a truly unique gift in healing. His talks and presentations are highly experiential and interactive, with lots of demonstrations of his healing gifts. Vernon’s deep knowledge and experience create a space for enlightening personal discovery and a powerful space for healing.

Cost: £190.00 (new students) / £171.00 (returning students, please mention this at the time of booking)

Prebooking for this workshop is essential! So for booking please: Click here 

Reiki is a fantastic resource for healing and personal and spiritual growth.

People are often drawn to it when orthodox medicine leaves them with unwanted side-effects and they seek additional help. Others feel a strong pull to help people heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki can be given anywhere and anytime, in person or over a distance. The certificates are in three levels, called degrees, I, II, and III.   

At the Isbourne there are two Reiki Masters offering courses and treatments, both teaching Reiki but with slightly different emphases and personal styles. Jo Fellows teaches from a Japanese perspective and Janie Whittemore teaches more in the western style. Both have their roots in the original Reiki handed down from its originator, Dr Mikao Usui. Every teacher comes with the sum of their own experiences that will inform their teaching, and it is important to find someone that you feel is right for you. Your Reiki teacher should offer ongoing guidance as you gain experience. Whether you want to learn for yourself or to become a Reiki practitioner, listen to your intuition and ask as many questions as you want to. You can also come to a Reiki Share evening, where practitioners gather to talk about and practise Reiki to find out more.   

Next Reiki Level 1 - Janie Whittemore                                                         Next Reiki Level 2 - Jo Fellows 

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Calling all holistic practitioners and mind-body-spirit professionals!

 Graham Boston, former publisher of the long-running Connections magazine, has started a new networking group at the Isbourne Holistic Centre, with the aim of helping holistic practitioners become more successful in business. It will provide a forum for exchanging news and ideas; learning new business skills; flagging up forthcoming events; sharing best practice and passing on and receiving referrals. Each meeting will include a short presentation offering practical tips for your practice, whilst there will be plenty of opportunity for making new contacts and friendships.

 Entrance is £5, which includes tea/coffee and a slice of home-made cake from the Isbourne Cafe. The first meeting starts 3pm on Friday 6th of March, and there are currently only 10 places left.

To reserve your place, please email before 11am Friday.



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The Gloucestershire Holistic Networking Group aims to provide an opportunity to: make new contacts and friendships with fellow holistic practitioners and other professionals in the mind-body-spirit...




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