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We have seen a huge surge in interest for all things animal communication recently. I had predicted this year it would explode in popularity and so far, that seems to be happening!  To start with, we had a workshop here in May with the lovely Pea Horsley, new Hay House author, who was so popular we had to put on a second day! Pea has become quite in demand for her talks, workshops and training. I was fortunate to have my own dog be asked to help with a training workshop, and I was so impressed with Pea’s obvious natural affinity with animals, when even my nervous rescue dog stopped her desparate barking to leave the room, only to go over to Pea, and lie down at her knees.  

Charlie-photoBack in 2013 we had a Guest Speaker who gave a talk on making money doing something you love. A gentleman in the audience was asked why he thought it was that he was not working in his desired field, and he replied because it was horse healing and he couldn’t envisage how to make a living at it.  Sitting next to him, a complete stranger - was a man looking for some help with his horses!  Charlie’s Holles’ life changed from that day and reputation and demand for his work grew. His first book, My Healing Journey has just been published, and he is going to be the one giving a talk to an Isbourne audience next term! 

cooper diana venusDiana Cooper has been offering us her wisdom for many years, and has just won Kindred Spirit’s Spiritual Writer of The Year Award. Her latest book Venus, a Diary of a Puppy and Her Angel, explains how with Venus’ help she is able to communicate with the angels and elementals. Venus even has her own Facebook and Twitter accounts, #venusthedog! Diana and Venus are coming to give a talk on Monday 30th June – which will fill quickly, so book now if you don’t want to miss them! 

MargritCoatessmall Lastly, we are pleased to announce we have booked our keynote speaker for the Isbourne OPEN DAY, September 6th, animal healer, Margrit Coates. We are excited to be able to have her here as she too, is extremely busy in the UK and abroad with demand from those wishing to understand and learn better how to heal and connect with animals, and last time she was extremely popular. 

 Perhaps, at some point in the future, our children will understand and know they are born with the ability to communicate with animals, - maybe everyone will be able to do it!  It would be accepted as the norm, and all animals could then be better understood and treated with dignity and respect - what a lovely thought.

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Featured Tutor: Graham Boston, Website, Google and Marketing for Therapists 


graham boston

Graham Boston has the expertise at his fingertips to show you how to present yourself and your business to the world in a professional and effective way.

His knowledge of Social Media, web marketing and networking is available for your benefit in a number of courses at the Isbourne;- Social Media for Therapists, Websites Made Easy, Get Noticed on Google and How Good is Your Website?

Graham has a background in web design and until recently, published Connections magazine, which publicised the wide variety of holistic therapies, workshops and events available in and around Gloucestershire.

He helps to run Aquarius Severn Astrology Society which meets at the Isbourne fortnightly, and DanceJourney, a new dance group in Cheltenham. He is also a tutor at the Isbourne College, where he teaches the Level 3 accredited course Developing your Holistic Business and Attracting the Right Clients. Graham says: ‘I enjoy teaching small groups and believe in sharing what I have learned on my own journey as a small business entrepreneur and self-employed holistic practitioner.’

Check out the courses he runs by searching for Graham Boston in our website What's On Calendar!


I met an inspiring lady today who says that just like a superhero, you have your own superpower.Superboy 4580895XSmall

What is unconditional love? 
Most of us think of it as an emotion – a passive emotion. But it is in fact far from that. Author, coach, actress and singer Odille Rault explains that unconditional love is the sensation we feel when we are channelling our power. She calls this our “Superpower”. “At first you may think that loving something you don’t want is going to encourage more of it, but in fact, I see unconditional love as a light. When you shine light into darkness, it transforms the darkness to light. When you aim unconditional love at something negative, it transforms it in the same way. Darkness cannot survive in light, but a light can shine in the dark.”

Want to know more? Odile is offering a free session on Thurs 22 May at 7.30pm – 8.30pm. Call the office to register, places limited!

The Isbourne Holistic Centre – a vibrant hub for spiritual development in the UK’s South West – expands its quest to create positive lives.Panorama by Laura Beard 3

Founded in 1995 to “Create Positive Lives through Education”, Cheltenham charity the Isbourne Foundation has been a major pioneer in holistic education, offering a diverse wellspring of Mind Body Spirit courses, workshops and talks - everything from meditation, yoga and qi gong, to astrology, psychic development, NLP and a variety of creativity and dance classes.

In recent years the Isbourne expanded its repertoire to include a thriving Guest Speaker programme featuring leading national and international authors, a dynamic new Complementary Therapy facility, and an Outreach programme working closely with affiliated charities to transform lives in Africa. The latest exciting news of 2014 is that building on the success of the Centre, a new branch of the Isbourne Foundation, the Isbourne College offering Ofqual accredited courses has also been created! 


Founded in 2008, the Isbourne's Guest Speaker programme has hosted over 100 leading holistic speakers, including some of the world’s most renowned, from Byron Katie and Dr Masaru Emoto (on his first

1 LG eventEnglish visit), to Brandon Bays and Michael Neil. It has also staged events with cutting edge explorers of the human condition like “Extreme Pilgrim” Peter Owen Jones, “Horse Boy” Rupert Isaacson and investigator of ancient mysteries, Graham Hancock. davidhamilton

“I love presenting my work at the Isbourne,” reports one of the Isbourne’s favourite Guest Speakers, the celebrated holistic scientist, David Hamilton.
 “I’ve been there more times than anywhere else. There’s a lovely energy there, the people are really warm and friendly, there’s always a big crowd, and it’s great to be affiliated to a centre putting out so much good to the world – not just with the education centre, but also with its various benevolent charitable projects in the wider world.”

On the outreach front - the Isbourne has worked closely with The Makhad Trust since its inception in 2002, supporting the charity to protect the heritage, livelihood and environment of the Bedouin tribes in Egypt’s Sinai desert, and providing practical assistance to local projects that promote sustainable living for nomadic people who wish to maintain their traditional way of life.

The Isbourne Foundation has also supported its offspring charity, IT Schools Africa (ITSA), founded in 2004 and now self-governing, in its mission delivering IT education to Africa, where it runs computer distribution programmes in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and other African countries. To date, ITSA has sent over 45,000 recycled computers to Africa, equipped over 1,500 schools with computers and trained over 750 teachers in IT.

room 8 DSC 8989

R7 3 smallBack in the UK, the Isbourne’s Complementary Therapy Unit, birthed in 2010, offers a diverse selection of therapists, healers, coaches and counsellors for one-to-one sessions, providing everything from acupuncture, naturopathy, psychotherapy, Gestalt and many other types of therapeutic counselling, to Ayurvedic bodywork, holistic massage, Reiki, reflexology and singing lessons!








J Whittemore/W Gethin

Self-Conscious Earth

Since Easter 2012 the Earth, and all life on Her body, has entered a time of unprecedented change. The forthcoming changes need special attention. As self-conscious beings we humans have the opportunity of raising our awareness of this process – because we have no way of avoiding its implications.


If we can accept the idea, put forward by James Lovelock, the originator of Gaia theory, that our planet has a consciousness, rather similar to our own with automatic hormonal, circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems.  Is it too big a stretch to imagine that Gaia has evolved a self-aware conscious mind too?  The simplest way of determining whether an organism or person is self-aware is to attempt communication with it. “Hello, is there anyone at home?”


Read on for a personal view and some important practical steps** you can take to create a symbiotic relationship with the ground we walk on. Do we choose to be friend or foe, global gardener or parasite?

(** don't miss these helpful dates for you at the end of the article!!)


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