The Inner Mind – A gift from within - Colin Clark

Sunday, 21 May 2017
10.00am – 4.00pm (6 Hours)
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£40.00 Early-bird if booked by 5th May/£50.00 thereafter

Sunday 21st May          10.00am – 4.00pm

Colin Clark Head ShouldersSome call it intuition, some call it being ‘psychic’ but there is another way to think about and work with our inner ‘gifts’ doing more with them than the ‘old ways’ allow.  Step into the 21st Century and learn a new way to develop abilities that give you access to an incredible source of insight from within.

In this workshop you will take away practical, useful skills that you can apply in personal or professional life.  On this workshop you will:

  • Learn a quick and easy way to reach a particular state of mind and body that acts as the ‘gateway’ to your inner mind so that you can access astonishing abilities
  • Learn how your ‘inner mind’ connects you to everyone and everything around you, acting as an incredible source of information and awareness.
  • Learn how to reach inside to a place where you will find insight, inspiration and abilities that will stretch your imagination.
  • Learn how these skills show you that time and space are no barrier to your perceptions and help you to gain insight into your own life, the lives of others and situations with ease.
  • Learn how to break free of limiting beliefs, preconceptions and habits that restrict and constrain your thinking and limit your insight.
  • Learn how to trust yourself and your abilities in a way that frees you from uncertainty and self-doubt.

The workshop is designed with lots of exercises and practice so that these skills can be used easily when you leave.  There is lots of discussion, laughter and plenty of things to think about while you learn.  You will have a lot of fun and discover some real magic within.

Colin is an experienced trainer, therapist, coach and author of The Practical Mystic whose work led him to develop unique courses in psychic skills and intuition insight which he has taught since 2006.  He is designing practical courses and workshops constantly while creating new approaches to subtle awareness and intuition.

Cost: £40.00 Early-bird if booked by 5th May/£50.00 thereafter

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