Lunchtime Meditation - Claire Seabrook

Wednesday, 26 April 2017
12.30pm – 2.15pm (1 Hour 45 Minutes)
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seabrookclaireWednesdays 29th March – 26th April (5 sessions)         12.30pm – 1.15pm

If you’d like to meditate, but need support to get motivated, this class is for you.

Join us for easy-to-follow guided meditations in a friendly atmosphere. You will learn to ease tension and reconnect with the calm, clear place within that’s always available to you.

Beginners are warmly welcome.

Claire is a life-long meditator, and an experienced therapist and teacher. Her work is focused on helping people to enjoy greater ease in their body and deep peace of mind, whatever life brings.

Cost: £30.00 for five-session block or £7.00 per session

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