The NLP Skills for Happiness, Confidence & Success Series - The Well-Formed Outcome Evening - Kim Phillips

Tuesday, 25 April 2017
7.00pm – 9.10pm (2 Hours 10 Minutes)
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Phillips KimWould you like to learn a practical tool for setting and achieving goals?  If so, this Tuesday evening we look at the Well-formed Outcome pattern from NLP which is useful if you find yourself setting limitations such as:

“I’d really like to apply for that job, but I just don’t have the qualifications.” 

“I’d really like to get a new car, but I just can’t afford one.”

“I’d love to learn to dance, but I don’t think I’ll be any good at it.”

“I’d love to lose weight, but I’m fed up with yo-yo dieting.”

The ‘well-formed’ outcome pattern shows us how to programme our mind to focus and achieve success.

Led by Kim Phillips, MBA, PGDip in Transpersonal Psychology, accredited Trainer of NLP and EFT.  See for further information.  

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