Qi Gong/Tai Chi - Margaret Kelly

Tuesday, 25 April 2017
10.30am – 11.45am (1 Hour 15 Minutes)
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Kelly Margaret Oct 15Tuesdays 21st March-25th April (5 sessions)      10:30-11:45

No sessions on 11th April.

Qigong consists of practices which encourage the flow of Qi or “life energy”.  We do several sets of slow, flowing exercises, which are suitable for all ages.  Daily practice of these exercises can improve the health and harmony of mind and body.  We also learn the sequence of movements, which make up the Tai Chi Chuan.  This is a relaxed and friendly class and newcomers are always welcome preferably at the start of the term or a block.

Cost: £35 for 5 session block or £8.00 per session

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