Insight Yoga - Alexandra Belcourt

Tuesday, 25 April 2017
5.45pm – 7.15pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
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Tuesdays 18th April – 16th May (5 sessions)                                 5.45pm – 7.15pm

Alex Belcourt Yoga p 17Alex’s yoga style blends both a Yin sequence of floor poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems combined with an alignment-based slow flow, or Yang practice, that is influenced by Viniyoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar teachings and Qi Gong.

Long held passive poses practiced while the muscles are not yet warm (Yin) allows the energy to reach the deeper connective tissues of the joints and corresponding pathways of the meridian system (energy channels in Traditional Chinese Medicine). This stimulates and tones the joints and deep connective tissues making them less dense. As a result we become more flexible, calmer and focused. It also gives us the time and space to practice Mindfulness.

The strong flowing practice that follows (Yang) focuses on utilising our muscles and expressing ourselves energetically. After Yin practice you have more energy flowing at deeper levels so you are more flexible and can go deeper with less effort.

Alex teaches classes for all levels and encourages her students to find grounded-ness and ease, stability and mobility, softness and strength through the practice that blends these Yin and Yang styles. Mindfulness meditation and breathwork are incorporated into the practice.

Cost: £40.00 for five-session block or £9.00 per session

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