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There are seven major chakras, and many others besides. We have used some of the chakras as categories for this brochure, applying them as focus points for educating and developing the self.

Here is a brief explanation of the categories and the chakras they relate to. No chakra is more important than another; we need them all to be functioning smoothly to be complete, balanced and happy individuals! This is just a guide – as all our events are holistic they will involve all of the chakras to some extent.

We also include an additional category for Guest Speakers which hasn't been related to a specific chakra.

Guest Speaker Talks

We welcome Guest Speakers to the Isbourne, nationally and internationally renowned authors and practitioners, for enlightening and informative talks and workshops.

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The sixth and seventh chakras, the crown and third eye are put together here in one category called Spirituality. These chakras are where we access our inner wisdom, our guides, and where we connect with God, Spirit or Source, and our vision or seeing - beyond the physical.

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This is the chakra of communication - speaking, singing, understanding and expressing our true selves through the throat chakra. Communication in all its forms.

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The heart chakra, centre of the body, is concerned with the giving and receiving of unconditional love, especially for the self. All healing involves the heart chakra.

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The solar plexus or third chakra governs our sense of self, our energetic centre, our personal power and sense of identity. Issues of confidence and security relate to this chakra.

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The root or base chakra relates to our physical body, and action. It governs the primal urges, life, death, eating and survival. When functioning effectively we feel grounded, connected to the earth and strong in ourselves.

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