The Moonlit Path – Intuitive Insight Skills - Colin Clark

Sunday, 23 April 2017
10.00am – 4.00pm (6 Hours)
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Cost: £40.00 Early-Bird if booked by the 9th April/£45 thereafter

Colin Clark Head ShouldersGaining intuitive insight is a powerful ally in everyday life. This workshop is filled with practical exercises to help you step confidently on the path to developing your intuition. Through the exercises, lively discussions and lots of laughter you will soon discover just how to find and use your intuitive abilities.

Learn the best mind-body state for intuitive insight to emerge through the simple ‘Green Wood’

guided meditation. Then learn the ‘quick and easy’ method that you can use in an instant. Sharpen your senses through short inner guidance exercises. Learn to notice how your intuitive ‘sensing’ and insight is different to normal thinking. Find out how to access the most incredible information leading to staggering insights within a few short hours. You will learn skills you may never have thought possible.

What you will learn is how Colin’s 12 Stages of Insight predict the pitfalls, trials and triumphs you can expect along the way when you leave the workshop. This unique tool will help you stay on track and will link to Colin’s website where you’ll find fantastic resources to keep you moving along the path.  It’s magical, it’s fun and above all it works, so come learn a skill that will last a lifetime.

Colin is an experienced lecturer, trainer, therapist and coach whose work led him to develop unique courses in psychic skills and intuition which he has taught since 2006.  He is designing new and interesting courses and workshops constantly while creating new approaches to subtle awareness and intuitive insight.

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