Become your own Mystic, Healer & Shaman - Cissi Williams

Monday, 15 January 2018
7.00pm – 8.30pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
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£10.00 Early-bird if booked by 30th December / £13.00 thereafter

Monday 15th January     7.00pm - 8.30pm

Cissie WilliamsDo you want to connect more fully with your soul’s light and inner wisdom? Cissi Williams shares how you can tune into your soul’s loving guidance through mystical prayer and meditation, enabling you to let go of fear and old wounds and instead find inner peace and joy.

This inner shift is possible because you already have within you all the answers to any problems you may experience, so when you learn to journey into this magical world of divine wisdom, healing and transformation, then anything is possible – from miraculous healing to the manifestation of your wildest dreams. All that is needed is the courage to set off on your healing journey, and a willingness to see things differently where you are guided by love instead of fear. This connects you with your soul’s light, allowing inspiration to flow from your soul into your consciousness. As you say ‘yes’ to this inspiration, then you and your soul are in sync, allowing you to become a masterful co-creator with the Divine, so you can express your unique and beautiful light.

Cissi will guide you through healing meditations where you will meet your Spirit Team, receive messages from your soul, as well as a gift and a power animal, giving you the insights you need to make this shift from fear to love, from doubt to trust, from limitation to expansion. In this way, you tune into your own inner mystic, healer and shaman, enabling you to heal any area of your life.Cissi Williams Spiritual Medicine

Cissi Williams is a cranial osteopath, soul coach, Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner, NLP trainer and naturopath. She has written the books Spiritual Medicine and Transformational NLP, and she is the founder and editor of the spiritual health magazine Inspired Wellbeing.

Cost: £10.00 Early-bird if booked by 30th December / £13.00 thereafter 

(includes book signing)

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