Jane Brighton

In these group sessions, you will be taught how to use relaxation and visualization techniques to find images that bypass the ego or the conscious mind. You will be taught how to see what we are denying and not using in ourselves in order to help us grow.

Jane helps to relax each part of the body in turn before taking you on a mindfulness journey to help you release your deepest unanswered questions, which you will bring to life through art. The exercise is taken slowly and compassionately. You can share as much as you feel comfortable.

These sessions are for anyone who is looking to meet their inner wisdom and source of strength.

Art Therapy Group is an enjoyable and life enhancing experience. Learn to trust the insights from your unconscious. Learn how to trust your intuition and inner wisdom.

These are ongoing regular sessions that you can join at any point.

Drop-ins can not be accommodated at this time so please book in advance.

Please note: The Isbourne operates a minimum number policy. This means that if our minimum number is not met 24 hours before the session is scheduled to run, then we reserve the right to cancel the session. If you have paid a set fee for the cancelled session, you will get a full refund. Donations are non-refundable. We, therefore, advise customers to secure their place as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. The Isbourne’s minimum number policy is under the guidance of the tutor running the session. Thank you for your understanding.