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Ashtanga Intermediate Series is known as  Nadi Shodana, meaning Nerve Cleansing.

This is because it focuses on backbend postures (Asanasa). Backbends encourages and maintains the suppleness of the spine and it strengthens the back muscles. Back bends helps the front part of the body to open and lift. By focusing on backbends in the Intermediate Series we are also working on unblocking the subtle energy channels in the body which allows the breath (Prana) to move more freely. This Class is an uplifting and a more outward practise due to the specific combination of poses in this series it will have a great effect on the nervous system.

Ashtanga is a dynamic practise but practising it in a mindful way by synchronising the breath count (Ujjayi breath - victorious breath) and the movement of the body it will become a moving meditation. The energy released will connect you with your own beautiful personal practise and with the fellow Yogis around you, leaving you with an uplifted feeling when class is finished.

This class is not suitable if you are new to a Yoga practise as it requires the understanding of the physical and mental practise of the Primary Series first before moving on to the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga.

For this class, you will need to bring your own:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Cushion
  • Refreshments

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply any of these for the foreseeable future

These classes are also available via Zoom. Please follow the booking link below for information on how to attend online

To book your place please go to:

All “drop in” classes cost £14 or Studio Class Pass £47.50 (four in person classes valid for four weeks)