Leah Marshall

Welcome a sense of wellbeing by reconnecting with your innate creativity.

In a system designed by the analytical, black and white, measured, critical left brain, it is important to take time out to nurture your creative, spatial, emotional, intuitive right brain.

(I Think of it as a gentle act of revolution!)

Break through those subconscious barriers that keep you stuck in habitual ways of being and doing. Stimulate your problem-solving ability and out of the box original thinking by letting go into creative flow.

We will start each session with a simple meditation to settle in and stimulate our creativity. Through the journey of making, you will discover more about, shading, tone, line and composition, and uncover aspects of yourself that have been hidden!

Sessions run once a month.

For beginners, improvers AND definitely those that think they cant! You will be surprised!

Drawing materials are supplied. Charcoal, pencil, graphite sticks, pastels, rubbers, sharpeners, paper. Feel free to bring your own, but sorry, no paint!

Drop-ins can not be accommodated at this time so please book in advance.