Beth Forrester , Sophie Perry , Claire Dallimore , Todd Roache

Is life feeling too serious or stressful? Has it been a while since you had any fun? This course is an opportunity to rediscover the benefits of childlike play in adulthood. Engaging in playful activities helps relieve stress, develop resilience, boost creativity and support brain health; improving our overall wellbeing and sense of inner freedom.

Each session of the four-week course will be facilitated by one of The Isbourne's specialist tutors and will focus on a different modality: art, movement, music and laughter.

We invite you to join us and together we can reconnect with our spontaneity, release our worries and leave full of positive energy and joy!

Please note these sessions are part of our community wellbeing series that aims to help you cope with your mental health and are offered at a subsidised cost. A member of our Outreach team will be in touch following registration to fill out a referral form.