Stina Richardson (Viola Blu)

Stina Richardson, teacher and creator of Viola Blu draws on her past experience as a fashion model, working with creative gurus like McQueen and Westwood to design jewellery with a contemporary edge.

This workshop is an ideal introduction to jewellery making. Learn how to make high-quality jewellery with excellent materials that are personal to you. Stina will guide you through her method of making these pretty necklaces in this fun and friendly workshop.

You will learn to make a beautiful and unique necklace using sterling silver, pearls and semi-precious stones in 3 hours. The skills and techniques you take away from this workshop will enable you to continue making jewellery at home, for yourself, as gifts or to start an entrepreneurial business!

She works with gold, silver, pearls and semi-precious stones to create delicate nature-inspired necklaces, bracelets and earrings whose elegant simplicity stands out.

Stina became interested in jewellery design while first modelling, a career she took up whilst studying at the Slade School of Art. “I was always travelling,” says Stina. “So jewellery design was the only means of ‘sculpture’. It was the only thing I could fit into my suitcase!” She then spent a year in Los Angeles researching suppliers and developing the collection.

However, it was her idyllic childhood in rural Norway, which prompted her deep love for nature and is a constant source of inspiration for her jewellery. “I see nature as the ultimate designer,” says Stina. “I try to reflect that beauty in my work. Every design is like a poem, a visual ode to the rain, flowers, or bird song.”

Her designs are loved and worn by celebrities such as Carla Bruni and are sold in galleries and boutiques in the UK and abroad.

For more information on workshops and images of what you can make on the day, please follow VIOLA BLU JEWELLERY on Instagram.

Children 11 and above are welcome with adult supervision

For this workshop, you will need to bring your own:

  • Refreshments

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