Leah Marshall


Super charge your yoga practice by combining the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine with yoga movement.

Stimulate the meridians of the body during practice to clear stagnation and rebalance your energy flow using neuro-vascular and neuro-lymphatic reflex points.

Learn a quick and simple wake up routine to clear & stimulate the meridians and corresponding organs of the body. A practice you can start whilst still in bed, to kick start the body.

The practice will include:

  • Stimulating the Kidney meridian (increase and distribute prana or chi) the thymus (immunity), Spleen meridian (digestion of food & experiences), Stomach meridian (grounding). Cross patterning in the body (more available energy), The Zip up (energetic protection- used in martial arts), Hook up the central & governing meridians. Head massage, crown pull & Spinal flush (clear unwanted energies and remove toxins from the whole body)
  • Two essential power poses- if you do nothing else, do these and then combine them with gait clearing the hands and feet.
  • Clearing the large and small intestine meridians (digestion and waste removal- physically and mentally) using the neuro-lymphatic reflex points for detoxification & nervous system rebalance.
  • A gentle and restorative yoga flow to follow
  • The session will conclude with a deep guided relaxation to integrate the practice and allow the body to settle.

An outline prompt sheet will be given to participants so the ‘Wake- up’ can be done again at home.

As a wellbeing and educational charity, The Isbourne aims to make its courses and workshops accessible to all regardless of income. We have researched how other organisations fund their courses and come up with a three tier pricing system:

Supported rate: this fee is less than the Standard and allows anyone with financial challenges to still participate. You do not have to show proof, this is offered on trust.

Standard rate: this is how much we would like all participants to pay as it covers The Isbourne costs and supports the tutor.
Sponsor rate: this is a little more than the Standard fee and allows you to subsidise and support others who might not be able to pay the Standard fee.

You choose what tier of payment best suits you - no questions asked!