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Jessica Cadbury

Offering nutrition, dieting and body image workshops

Jessica is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Health at Every Size® nutritional therapist. Through her work, her aim is to help you let go of dieting and heal your relationship with food and your body. There will be no assumptions or judgments made on you, your health or your body. Jessica will never suggest weight-loss or weight-loss diets of any kind.

Sessions and recommendations will be completely personalised and tailored to suit you as an individual. You will work together with Jessica to come up with sustainable, enjoyable nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. These will then support and enhance your health and your life going forward. 1:1 sessions can be held online (via Skype or Zoom) and/or at her clinic room at The Isbourne.

For more information please visit her website or send an email.

Jessica Cadbury MSc, BANTm, CNHC, ASDAH.