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Maggie Marchant

Offering Metamorphic Technique to help adults and children

Maggie developed an interest in the mysteries of life at a young age which expanded in her late teens after being initiated into Transcendental Meditation. As she began walking a spiritual pathway, Maggie became fascinated with the philosophies of other cultures and a realisation that one is constantly learning, transforming and growing if one is open to all the wonders available as life progresses.

It is never too late to fulfil dreams.  Missing the opportunity of college in her teens, Maggie eventually completed a BA Honours Degree in her late 40’s after being a loving mother to two children, who now have their own delightful children.

Maggie worked at the National Star College for many years with young people with disabilities.

She became a Metamorphic Technique Practitioner about 10 years ago and is very happy to be part of the alternative practitioner community who aim to aid others on their pathway through life.

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