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Paul Bradley

Transformational Life Coach, specialising in Spiritual, Mental and physical Alignment Coaching and Meditation.

Paul meets you where you are right now in your understanding, providing personal coaching that helps you overcome the blocks to your happiness, harmony and inner peace. Sessions enable a clarity of mind that brings you new recognition and thought. Paul offers a gentle, non-judgemental, loving and safe space to release limited thinking and behaviour. His teaching seeks to provide you with new practice and direction mentally and spiritually, as a bridge to a happy and fulfilling life.

Paul gained a Degree in Physical Education at St Paul’s and St Mary’s College Cheltenham in 1991. He has been learning, teaching and mentoring to maximise the potential within health and consciousness for over 25 years, working with people of all ages and from all paths of life.

At age 32 Paul was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition and this was the catalyst for him to choose deeper practice, understanding and healing. He obtained advanced teaching qualifications in the Egoscue Method, a drug and surgery-free alignment practice to eliminate chronic pain. He also embraced the learning, teaching and practice of Vipassana meditation which explores the process of mental purification through self-observation.  Vipassana means ‘to see things as they really are’.

The foundation of Paul’s recovery lay in the practice and understanding of the message and principles of the book ‘ A Course in Miracles’. The course is a self-study thought system of spiritual awakening and provides a systematic training of the mind. Its simple message guides us to new thinking and practice, leading the way to inner peace through love and forgiveness. Paul has been studying the course since 2008 and has the joy of integrating its message, practice, and principles into his everyday life and teaching.

Paul is available for sessions by phone, online or in person.

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