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Rachel Done

Offering Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy, Workplace Wellbeing, Antenatal and Active Birth, Postnatal Yoga and Yoga for 12 Step Recovery

Rachel is an advanced Yoga Teacher and Therapist practicing since 2015 and is the owner of Tewkesbury Yoga for Health and Wellbeing. She has completed 1,500 + hrs of  Yoga Teacher Training, Therapeutic Application, Antenatal and Postnatal Yoga all with Sadhana Mala based in Worcestershire. Rachel has recently qualified as a Y12SR Teacher with Niki Myers of Yoga International US and continues to regularly update and expand her qualifications, she is also an affiliated member of the Association of Yoga Studies.

Offering a mixture of live and online classes to suit all abilities, Rachel uses the `viniyoga` approach to the traditional style of  Hatha Yoga. In a class situation, Rachel will take time to modify postures for those with physical or medical limitations and offers variations for those wanting to develop their practice further. There will be a strong emphasis on your breath and matching your movements in Asana (physical postures) with your breath length, you will develop specific breathing practices known as Pranayama and experience closing meditations with various techniques to anchor the mind. 

Rachel also uses this approach for therapeutic application on an individual basis helping clients from her home Garden Yoga Room tackling issues such as Anxiety, Addiction and Recovery with Y12SR, Grief, Depression, Panic Attacks, Lack of Confidence/Esteem, Respiratory Issues and Physical Issues, Antenatal and Active Birth, Postnatal Recovery.

In addition, Rachel can create Workplace Wellness Programmes, Yoga for Schools, and College Programmes and has recently qualified in Y12SR. Y12SR Connects the dots between the ancient wisdom of yoga, the practical tools of 12- step programs, and the latest research on trauma healing and neurobiology. As part of a holistic recovery program, it works in tandem with traditional treatments to address the physical, mental and spiritual disease of addiction.

For more information please visit her website or contact her to request more information on any of the services.

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