Book Review: Uncivilised Genes – Gustav Milne

April 2nd, 2018

This book aims to show the reader how we can enhance our health and happiness by understanding how we should be living and what foods we should be eating. By the end of the book, I could totally understand how far removed we are from our ancestors’ way of life, and by adjusting our lifestyles and diet how different we could make our lives, including some incredible health benefits. genes

I did find the first three chapters challenging, with lots of references to the point of interrupting the flow. Very dry and academic. Beyond that, the book was incredibly interesting, and I learnt a lot that I hadn’t even thought about before. It certainly put a different view on things and has changed my perspective and attitude to my life, making me consider how I can make changes for increased health and happiness. I also learned how as a town or village we could consider alternative options for all residents when making plans for our areas, and how we could really improve things and why.

My favourite parts of the book were chapters four onwards – just so much fascinating information that really highlights why our current way of living has to improve. I would recommend this book, but with a warning on the initial chapters – I honestly do not know if I would have persevered with this book if I didn’t have to report on it. I am glad I did though, but this could put someone off reading it. Definitely a self-help book, giving lots of history on times gone by.

rating 3 stars

Uncivilised Genes is available to buy here.

With thanks to Julie Petty for the review.