The Isbourne Foundation

The Isbourne Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1051622) aims to enable individuals to increase their knowledge and develop their self-awareness through education in harmony with natural and spiritual laws. The charity operates a holistic education centre in Cheltenham, England, known as The lsbourne.

The Isbourne Foundation’s charitable objectives are as follows:

  1. the relief of the sick and, in particular, by the provision of centres for the healing by means of traditional medicine, modern medicine and natural medicine and holistic healing whereby physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are all addressed

  2. the advancement of education and research for the public benefit into both natural, traditional and complementary medicine

  3. to educate and assist persons of all ages through courses of study and leisure time activities so as to develop their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to greater maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved, and in furtherance of that object to provide centres for meetings, lectures, classes and various forms of leisure time occupation for the benefit of such persons

  4. to advance the spiritual education and mental and moral improvement of persons of all ages