Things I Wish I Knew When Starting My Holistic Business

January 26th, 2022

By Beth Forrester

Embrace Individuality

That you don’t need your business to look like anyone else’s, and quite apart from it not being a bad thing, it’s often a really good thing. More than ever, in our overly homogenised world, we need peoples personal offerings


Embrace Imperfection

That you don’t need to be perfect or high functioning in your personal life or in your growing business. Taking pride and doing your best is a beautiful and important thing, but you don’t need to be flawless humans in order to be of service to other people. You are all a valuable part of each other’s complex jigsaw and perfectionism is a deadly poison that stunts our gifts, our creativity, our imagination and how our business will thrive. 


Embrace Not Being Ready

You will never feel ready to begin offering your product, your service or your art and it’s only by taking that scary leap of faith that you can get those skills. Also the clients or customers you attract at the beginning are different from the clients you attract as you gain experience and that’s as it should be. What you offer right now is absolutely right for someone, for where they are and what they need. Expect this to change as your confidence and experience increase. 


Embrace Experimenting

As a self-employed person, you get to call the shots about how you want to work. How many hours do you want to do, how much do you need to charge, who and what do you say yes or no to. It's up to you what direction your business takes as you intuit “what next?” It’s important to keep experimenting, taking 'failures' on the chin and as the extremely valuable resource that they are; lessons. 


Embrace Change

Do not be afraid of mistakes, getting things wrong, changing your mind or changing direction. You might have a firm idea about how and what your business should be, but if you can flex and evolve intuitively, the joy and energy you started with can come with you. If you set yourself in stone or corner yourself with a rigid business identity, you might lose sight of the Why of your work which is the motivation to keep going through tough periods. 


Embrace Your Intuition

Never dismiss your intuitions about situations, decisions or new moves concerning your business. We can get so caught up in the cultural pressures but listening to your intuitive voice often shows you the seeds of something powerful for you that you can’t learn (or be) by following traditional or conventional ideas about your work. There are many many shapes your work could take, so stay open-minded even if what’s crossing your mind feels really ambitious, scary, daunting or intimidating. 


Embrace Support

Try to have people you talk to who are at a similar stage to you in your business, so you don’t lose perspective and hope. Make sure you have some friendly support, people who genuinely want the best for you, understand your journey and can cheer you on. 


Embrace Starting From Where You Are

Understand that you can’t possibly know things properly before you do them and that there is no shame in starting at the beginning. Preparation is brilliant and there’s lots of that which we can do, but you have to be able to understand why something is wrong before you can know something is right. Being vulnerable enough to learn is a really cool skill! 

Beth works as an Intuitive Tarot reader, using a heart centred approach. You can discover more from Beth here.