What’s Your Moon Sign?

April 7th, 2017

We all know our Sun sign (or ‘star sign’ as it is sometimes called), and most of us will take an occasional peek at our astrological forecast for the day in a newspaper or magazine.

Real astrology however takes into account not only the Sun but also the Moon and each of the planets – though the two luminaries (the Sun and Moon) occupy a central place in a person’s birth chart – the map of the sky the astrologer draws up for the moment of a person’s birth. Like yin and yang the Sun and Moon are equally important and mean little without each other – but how many of us know our own Moon sign?

Unlike the Sun, which in its annual journey round the zodiac changes sign every thirty or so days, the Moon leaves one zodiac sign and enters another approximately every two-and-a-half days, so to know your Moon Sign it’s important to know not just the date but also the time of birth.

So what does the Moon mean, astrologically speaking? Well, whereas the Sun represents your basic approach to life and where in your life you tend to shine brightest, the Moon reveals what you are like on the inside – your needs, feelings and inner life. Which zodiac sign it was in when you were born can tell you a great deal about your emotional needs, what gives you security, your home and family life – as well as your relationship with your mother.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into the four elements – earth, water, air and fire – each representing a different realm of experience. Earth represents the practical world of work, career and possessions, Water represents the fluid world of feelings, relationships and needs. Air connects to the realm of social and intellectual exchange – friendship and communication, whilst Fire symbolises vitality, identity and energy. You can begin to understand your Moon sign firstly by understanding the element in which it is located.

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Moon in Earth (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn)

There is a need for solid security in life. Work, stable conditions, material comfort and money in the bank are what make you feel okay! When these things are missing there can be anxiety and even depression.

Moon in Taurus loves comfort. You love collecting things and surrounding yourself with treasured possessions. Contact with nature, art and beauty nourish you, and you need lots of physical affection. A Moon in Taurus who isn’t being hugged enough will gravitate towards the chocolate and the ice cream! You need to feel that your life is settled, comfortable and rich, either in material or spiritual terms, or both.

Moon in Virgo has a need for order, clarity and stability. Work, and in particular doing a job well is strongly related to your self-esteem. As a Moon in Virgo you love to feel needed, and there is nothing you like better than to be asked to help someone practically or intellectually. Although naturally modest you need to feel appreciated. Cleanliness, simplicity and a feeling of having your life settled are the keys to your security. Anxiety or unhappiness will often show itself as chaos, mess, health problems or self-criticism. Work is a great comfort and makes you feel productive and useful. Because Moon in Virgos are dedicated to self-improvement, learning new skills and polishing existing ones gives you a particular feeling of accomplishment.

Moon in Capricorn needs work, career and social status in order to feel at peace. There is a strong need for achievement, to feel you have accomplished a goal you have set for yourself, and for the feeling that comes when one is moving up the ladder of success in life. Some Moon in Capricorns are workaholics however so be careful not to throw yourself into your work as a substitute for love, or of tying your self-esteem too closely to the external badges of success such as wealth, fame or the right home or car. Important though reaching external goals is, more important is to accept and love yourself for who you are, not what you do or have.

Moon in Water (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces)

Moon in a water sign indicates emotional sensitivity, a receptivity to the world of feeling and intuition, and a good understanding of other people.

The Moon is most ‘at home’ in the sign of Cancer. Those of you born with the Moon in Cancer have deep feelings and a strong need for emotional security. Home and family life are thus particularly important. Above all, you need to feel ‘at home’, loved and cared for – without this life feels empty and loses its savour. Your home is a shelter from the outside world, full of old photo albums, heirlooms and hand-me-downs – those things some less kindly souls might consider clutter. Treated with kindness and understanding you repay with great warmth and care. Having someone (or something) to care for – be it a child, a house, an ageing parent or a pet – brings out the best in you. You love to express your care for others by cooking, providing, building a secure home and supporting your family. You have a preference for warm, homely houses with plenty of room for children to play in.

Moon in Scorpio needs security through intimacy, power and transformation. Your feelings run very deep, and your reactions to people, events and situations are often surprisingly powerful. However, perhaps because of painful early experiences you may have learned to protect your vulnerability by keeping your feelings hidden. Trust is a big issue for you, and there is a sense in which someone seeking to earn it from you has to go the extra mile before you will truly open up to them. You need to be allowed to process your own feelings, memories and experience in your own way – for example, you may need to encounter yourself at a deep level by putting yourself into challenging situations.

Moon in Pisces seeks security through transcendence, imagination and spirituality. You are a sensitive person who is at home in the realm of art, music and the imagination. Highly creative, you seek to escape the harsher or mundane aspects of life and enter a more beautiful or ideal realm. Without outlets for your imagination, or if trapped in harsh, dull or ugly circumstances, you may seek to escape through the less creative routes of drugs, alcohol or endless screen time. Spiritual ideas and experiences can be a source of great comfort and offer a way of understanding your often confusing feelings and psychic intuitions. Because you are emotionally receptive, you may often act like a ‘psychic sponge’, absorbing and often unconsciously identifying with other people’s feelings, fears and problems. You need to periodically withdraw from the world and ‘recharge your spiritual batteries’.

Moon in Air (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius)

Moon in air signs seek to communicate. They need contact with other people and participation in the wider social world. There is also a need for learning and the exchange of ideas.

Moon in Gemini needs to communicate. You need to talk to people – it’s your way of dealing with your feelings and also of feeling connected with the world. You enjoy being part of a community and exchanging news, ideas and gossip. You need variety in your life and the sense that there are lots of people to see and things to do socially. You enjoy being on the move. You need bright, light surroundings and to be in a young and vibrant part of the town or city. If insecure you may seek distractions such as parties or constant activity. You need to feed your mind and stimulate your mental faculties.

Moon in Libra needs harmony, balance and relationship. You are naturally sociable and have an easygoing charm that draws people to you. You are at home in social or fashionable settings and seek to be approved of and liked by your peers. Beauty, harmony and balance are prerequisites for your peace of mind, whilst strife, conflict and discord upset your equilibrium. You need to be in a relationship and seek out romance. Being part of a couple is important to you and being alone for too long begins to make you wonder about your attractiveness. You prefer light, spacious or elegant surroundings and enjoy beautifying your home.

Moon in Aquarius needs friendship, freedom and the exchange of ideas. Like Moon in Geminis and Moon in Libras you are instinctively friendly and seek social contact. You are independent-minded however, and pride yourself on your modernism and freedom from convention. Ideas are especially important to you and you need to have space to think, study, learn and reflect. Sometimes you feel different from everyone else and alienated from society, in which case you need the hand of friendship to make you feel included. You care for their friends and are supportive in times of need. You prefer airy, cool and possibly minimalist surroundings.

Moon in Fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius)

Moon in Fire sign people need activity, play and stimulation. They need to be rising to some form of challenge or experiencing some form of excitement otherwise they feel bored or dispirited.

Moon in Aries needs activity, challenge and movement. You feel most secure when life is moving quickly and you are using a lot of energy. You believe in yourself and are adept at making quick decisions. You feel comfortable in competitive or adventurous environments  such as in business or sport. Paradoxically you find security in insecurity, seeing it as a challenge to overcome rather than something to be feared. You express your feelings openly and frankly – sometimes to the alarm of more retiring souls. Others always know where they stand with you however. You prefer a home that is full of life and activity, and in which there are hot colours and bold designs.

Moon in Leo needs creativity, admiration and respect in order to feel confident. You are instinctively creative and enjoy such activities as painting, writing, performing, dance or music. There is an emotional need to express yourself and to be admired or appreciated for your talents. You can be loyal, generous and giving with those who like you, and feel hurt when ignored or treated with disrespect. Some Moon in Leos hide their feelings behind an imperious wall of command, and when feeling down may retreat into splendid isolation. You need occasionally to be told how wonderful you really are.

Moon in Sagittarius needs freedom, adventure and learning. You experience life as a journey, and feel good as long as there is a sense that life is going somewhere and that there are options and opportunities open to you in the future. There is a sense of optimism and faith that life will work out well that gives you great confidence. Religion may be important to you and if so you may play an active part in your religious community. Your positivity usually enables you to take setbacks philosophically and to bounce back quickly when hurt. You may fantasise about living ‘on the road’ and indeed at some stage in your life set up home within a culture very different to your own.

Graham Boston is lead tutor on the Isbourne College’s Introduction To Astrology evening course. See www.isbournecollege.org for more information on all the courses on offer.