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Academy for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling

Offering Training in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling – Levels 3, Level 4 and Level 5

The Academy of Emotional Therapeutic Counselling offers training to those who wish to pursue a counselling career in an experiential, person-centred, and integrated approach to talking therapy. Using various tools, Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (ETC) practitioners are able to help their clients to recognise, acknowledge and deal with repressed or supressed emotional blocks, and to understand and connect with their Inner Child. ETC is predicated on the belief that the mind, body, and spirit are of equal importance and that our emotional wellbeing is the key to a contented, fulfilling life.

AETC training is developed and delivered by experienced practising Emotional Therapeutic Counsellors and is accredited by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS). In December 2023, AETC was retained as ‘outstanding’, with the NCPS’s external examiner commenting in his report, ‘The Centre is commended for its continuing standard of training programmes and quality of delivery'.

Entry to AETC’s training programme is at the Foundation stage (Level 3 Ofqual equivalent). This is the required precursor to the Diploma (Level 4 Ofqual equivalent) and is devoted to understanding ETC and exploring the techniques it uses. Over the course of the Foundation and Diploma programmes, students will collect and consolidate a comprehensive library of unique tools which is unique to the AETC. There are no special qualifications to join this programme – just a willingness to fully embrace the learning and be open to self-development and personal growth.

AETC is currently in the process of developing their Advanced Diploma (Level 5 Ofqual equivalent).

AETC’s mission is to provide the highest level of training in ETC to all students. By offering high quality counselling courses that empower and prepare students to go on to become Emotional Therapeutic Counsellors, AETC gives their practitioners the tools to be able to help individuals to live their lives to their fullest potential.

AETC aims to achieve their mission by ensuring the training is delivered to the highest standard and by providing ongoing continual professional development opportunities for their Emotional Therapeutic Counsellors and other counselling, mental health and wellbeing professionals.

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