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Beth Forrester

Offering Intuitive Counselling and Dream Therapy

Beth works as an Intuitive Counsellor and Dream Therapist, with a particular interest in the areas of creativity, intuition, our unique gifts, and deepening our connection with the rest of the natural world. Her work involves drawing clients' awareness to their own knowing - helping them to find clarity, connection, and a sense of belonging. She enables clients to discover their unique gifts and to find the courage to follow their own paths. 

Beth practices deep intuitive listening in her sessions with clients, attempting to really hear and understand how they feel about the situations in their life, and what it means to be them. She offers support and encouragement, witnessing their journey, and what brought them here. The work you’ll do together is frequently based around dream work, but also focuses on fostering intuition, creativity, and opening to a deeper relationship with the rest of the animate world. Beth provides insight and inspiration, enabling her clients to move towards a more empowered, intuitive, and meaningful experience of their life, and a fuller expression of their gifts and desires.

There are currently three ways you can work with Beth:

1:1  Intuitive Counselling and Dream Therapy Sessions, which is longer-term work, and can either be booked in blocks of sessions or can be left open-ended, according to your needs. 

Dream Consultation, working together around a particular dream you’ve had. This involves a series of questions about your dream and events in your waking life, and you receive not only Beth’s in-depth expansion and interpretation of your dream material but also further questions and ideas for you to explore in your own time. 

Intuitive Tarot Reading, an in-depth and personal Tarot Reading around any situation you find yourself in, giving clarity, insight, and new perspective. 

To find out more about working with Beth please visit her website

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