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Beth Forrester

Offering Dream Work

Dreamwork sessions with Beth are for those who would like to experience an interactive, and embodied relationship with their own Dreams, and who want to walk closely with the wisdom that their Dreams bring. This work is creative, therapeutic and spiritual in its nature, and it will broaden you, support you, and inspire you deeply - connecting you to an inner landscape that is longing to be encountered. You will learn to really love and value the Dreams, even the ones that feel difficult, and begin to understand them as a truly sacred terrain. 

Initially Beth can help you with ways to remember your Dreams, if you do not already, and then together you can begin to work with, and explore the Dreams you bring to sessions, however fragmented they might be at first. Beth will not look to interpret or analyse the Dream, but will guide you as you enter the Dream in an experiential, embodied way, focusing on the felt sense in the body. As you go into the Dream landscape you will explore the dynamic wisdom, and soulful encounters that are waiting there for you. The depth and support of these encounters may come as a surprise to you.

Sessions are an hour in length, and take place on Zoom. This is better treated as longer-term work, but can be booked as and when you need, according to what you would like. Currently Beth chooses not to have a fixed fee for this work, and the exchange for your session is arranged between you, depending on what you are able to pay. 

Please visit Beth’s website for links to her podcast and more information.

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