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Caroline Willbourn

Specialising in NeuroRestart for Children with Learning Difficulties

Caroline is an INPP-trained neuro-developmental delay therapist. She treats both children and adults with immature reflexes, using exercise programmes specifically tailored for each individual. She trained as a neuro-developmental delay therapist with the INPP in 2009, having first qualified as a physiotherapist in 1978 and working in a wide range of medical disciplines before specialising in paediatrics. Her last job in the UK, before a family move to Bangkok, was at St. Roses’ Special School in Stroud.

She has always been interested in neurology and in particular the innate and environmental influences on child development. She first became aware of the INPP when a member of her family went through the INPP programme and was greatly helped by this.

Caroline has spent many years of her adult life living and working in South-east Asia. In summer 2013, she and her family settled in Cheltenham after a decade living in Thailand.

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