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Graham Boston

Offering courses in Astrology

Graham discovered astrology in his teens and it has been a core part of his life ever since. It enabled him to understand himself and his life experiences within a broader and more spiritual context.

During his astrological career he helped run the Aquarius Severn Astrology Society for 30 years; lectured both in the UK and abroad; wrote 'Astrology, A Beginner's Guide', published by Hodder Headline; and in 2021 was nominated for the Charles Carter Award for Excellence in Astrology. He has also given personal readings since the mid-1990s.

There are many branches to astrology but one of the most familiar is natal astrology, which focuses on interpreting people's birth charts - otherwise known as natal horoscopes. A birth chart, which is cast for the moment and place of your birth, reveals:

  • Where you shine
  • What you need in order to feel secure
  • Your communication style
  • Your relationships
  • Your relationship with money
  • How you get what you want
  • Your career
  • Fears and limitations
  • Gifts and talents
  • Friendships
  • Spirituality
  • How you overcome challenges

Graham's 'Introduction to Astrology' course enables you to interpret birth charts for yourself. Becoming familiar with the language and symbols of astrology will give you greater insight into yourself, other people and what is happening in the wider world.

Graham’s approach is to encourage discussion, questions and reflection so that you can link what you are learning to your own life experience. The course also introduces techniques such as predictive astrology and Synastry - the astrology of relationships. Other follow-on courses explore such techniques in more depth.

All upcoming courses will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Graham also sees clients online or in person at his home in Prestbury. For details email or visit the web address below.