How Could Dowsing Help You?

May 19th, 2017

Dowsing is a form of divination that, in the right capable hands, can be very beneficial. For some it can even be profitable and yet scepticism exists still to this day.  Dowsers are employed worldwide for their accuracy in locating objects, people and useful resources – these include utility companies, the police, oil companies, mining companies, the farming industry and globally by many armed forces. Martin Luther King once called it witchcraft, which for some was thought to be devil worship.  Whilst it is understandable for people to fear things they don’t understand, it must be acknowledged that it is natural, with children being some of the most accurate dowsers, possibly because they lack the cynicism of adults.

There are many theories as to how dowsing works. Some regard it as kinaesthetic, and this means the body is causing the instrument to move.  You could question is it the mind then that influences the body to move the pendulum, and a dowser would say no.  As part of their development they learn to master the mind and have a space of “no-mind”, meaning they are not attached to an outcome and have no expectation. I myself believe the body has an inherent wisdom that is connected to a field of awareness.  Carl Jung called this the collective consciousness.

When we envision a dowser we imagine a person in a field wandering around holding a forked twig that occasionally tilts suddenly up or down as it locates water.  Nowadays in its most common form it involves the use of a pendulum (a weighted object on a cord) and a little less commonly used are L rods.  Dowsing has been put in the ‘psychic phenomenon’ pigeon hole by many as it is not dissimilar to Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) in that the practised and accurate dowser has no rational way of knowing the answer or location of what they desire to know.

Today it is used by many holistic practitioners in the field of complementary health.  I myself use it in my treatments to assess how my client’s health and well-being is.  I use it to determine deficiencies in vital energy, vitamins and minerals.  It allows me to locate miasms in the subtle energy bodies and can even discern when a disease began.  I use it to pick my crystals and decide where to place them.  I am able to dowse geopathic stress, harmful levels of electro stress as well as psychic disturbances all without being at the actual location.  It is easy to understand why it has been called witchcraft because it seems completely illogical to be able to dowse something in a different location or beyond current time.  Dowsing, however, is a skill that everyone can learn.  To gain any level of proficiency you must practise just like any other skill.

There really isn’t much that you can’t ask to dowse, although I recommend you don’t waste your time dowsing the future, as the future is only a possibility.  The very fact that someone knows and expects an outcome could cause them to change their thoughts, actions and behaviour, thus changing the future event completely.

If you’re interested in learning to dowse, my advice is find a teacher and have a go!  Ask clear and closed questions. Be creative in what you use it for. Discover which tool works best for you and practise.  And remember, part of learning a new skill is making mistakes, and that happens to us all.

Kelly offers her services as a dowser, and her areas of expertise are personal health and healing, and earth energies.  She is the Principal of Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing and lead tutor on the Isbourne Colleges course Energy of the Universe. For more information see or