Book Review: The Essential Dowsing Guide – Dennis Wheatley

July 28th, 2017

The Essential Dowsing Guide promises to provide readers with all the necessary information about dowsing, enabling them to learn and practice various techniques to find invisible targets. It clearly and concisely covers a variety of methods allowing the reader to understand how diverse this particular area truly is. Each chapter provides details on how to dowse for a particular target and encourages the reader to practise the essential dowsing guidenew technique.

While this is an area I really have no knowledge about, the book has developed my respect towards the field of dowsing. I found the chapter on geopathic stress zones and their impact on health particularly interesting, and it is something I would now like to know more about. I find it astounding that an invisible field has been found to have implications on a person’s health! In addition, I find the fact that the ability to dowse lies within the mind-set of the individual truly amazing, and something that I was completely unaware of.

As previously mentioned, each chapter provided information on each area within dowsing and how to practise the technique, which I think someone who wishes to learn to dowse would find a great help. The way in which the book is written enables a complete novice to understand and appreciate the work involved.

The tone of the book varies from stating all the facts in a very formal way to then becoming more informal with the author’s personality shining through. The author’s passion towards the field is very apparent.

I feel this book would be a really beneficial read to someone who wishes to develop their interest in the subject. It certainly provides them with the basic tools they need and may encourage them to delve further. Whilst it is not something I would pursue I do feel like I have learnt more about the world around us and the individual power within us.

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The Essential Dowsing Guide by Dennis Wheatley is available now! Get your copy here.

With thanks to Amelia Hopkins for the review.