How mindfulness can support your everyday life

May 21st, 2023

Mindfulness is an activity that brings you into the present moment. With our busy lives, access to constant news updates and social media posts, it can be common for us to find ourselves constantly projecting ourselves into the future, or ruminating on the past. This often means that we miss out on moments that are happening right now. These moments are precious and it is important that we find ways to anchor ourselves in the present. When we achieve this we improve our own mental and physical health as well as improving the relationships we have with those around us.

On Tuesday 6th June, Suzanne Thomas starts an 8 week online course that looks at Breathworks Mindfulness for Health. It is a great way to understand more about how mindfulness can support your everyday life. You can find out more by visiting and booking your tickets now.

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Mindfulness means allowing what arises in our lives and our minds to just be as it is and not investing large amounts of time, thought or emotion into the feeling or thought that has arisen. By not allowing the thoughts and feelings to overtake us we can Being mindful means simply noting what is arising, and as best we can reduce stress, learn to manage panic attacks, as well as finding ways we can seek out happiness in even the darkest of moments.

Mindfulness consists of a number of different practices and these can include mindful breathing, movement and some types of meditation. The aim of all of these is simply allow any thoughts that arise to just be and to flow through us without attaching anything to them. Through this we can learn to accept out present state as it is and can treat ourselves with more compassion.

Although our minds may wander during the process of mindfulness we can utilise all of our sense to help bring us back to the present moment. This can help us to reduce the overwhelming need some of us have to focus on the decisions and mistakes that we have made in the past or the fear that we have for the future.

Mindfulness helps us to be curious about our thoughts and we can catch any negative thoughts before we find ourselves spiralling into negative patterning. In this way the practice can help to reduce our stress levels and also provide a helpful method for alleviating some of the symptoms that appear alongside anxiety and depression.

Suzanne's courses will take you from learning the art of meditation, through ways we can improve our connection to the present moment and finally overcoming negative bias and finding pleasure in the simple things in life. Book your ticket on the link above to be sure of a place on these much sought after 8 week courses.