In Conversation With… Lorna Wilson

December 18th, 2017

How would you describe yourself and what you do?
I’m a natural sceptic and researcher, and I use those skills to help others map out and navigate through their life experiences. As a hypnotherapist I use my shamanic practitioner skills to help clients navigate their own inner world through the journey and exploration of their subconscious mind.

Lorna Wilson

Tell us a little about your journey to becoming the person you are today…
As the middle child, an avid reader and a natural observer, I have always had a curiosity about why people think and act as they do. In hindsight I cannot really decide what was the beginning stages for me, but I can see that everything I have done or experienced has added to what I do now. My early career in the fashion industry exposed me to many types of people who on the outside seemed as though they had the perfect types of life, while on the inside they – like all of us – often had difficult life issues. I became their go-to person for insight and guidance. I eventually became an agent and had my own modelling school in Canada, where I gained many transferable skills in helping others attain personal success and wellbeing.

What inspires you?
Seeing the light revealed within people as they have self-realizations when they make shifts in consciousness. That gives me pleasure.

What are your favourite holistic treatments/practices?
Hypnosis and any form of consciousness exploration is exciting as it incorporates our soul or spiritual essence as that works from the inside out. To initiate changes from the outside in I love physical experiential opportunities, whether through deep tissue massage, or any other form of energy healing.

How do you relax?
I’m a kinaesthetic person and so enjoy internal stimulation to relax.  This might be through the world that a book opens up for me as I happily lose myself in one, or listening to music. Being out in nature is always a bonus.

What’s next for you?
I will be using case histories to demonstrate how we create our reality, how the Law of Attraction unfolds our experiences, and how hidden within each of us is purpose and meaning. I will also be sharing some real life stories that incorporate past or parallel lives, which may include real type ET, alien, and/or other sentient life forms. As humans we encompasses many dimensions and realities that sometimes affect us in pleasant ways or can seem to quite disturbing until we gain more self-understanding.