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Clare Burn

Holistic Therapist providing massage therapies

Clare offers remedial massage treatments. Following an initial consultation and discussion with each client, during which their health, specific requirements, expectations of the treatment, and any concerns will be discussed, Clare will provide a massage treatment. Each treatment will be tailor-made to the client following a discussion to focus on their particular needs and requirements. Treatments will typically last one hour, but clients may book in for longer or shorter sessions if they wish. After the treatment, Claire will provide aftercare advice and water, and recommendations regarding pain relief, future treatments, posture etc. if necessary.

During her previous career in the legal profession as a solicitor, Clare began training as a massage therapist as a hobby. She instantly realised the huge health and emotional benefits and very soon what had started as a hobby quickly became a passion! Serendipitously the opportunity arose to change career path from lawyer to holistic therapist, an opportunity she is so glad she took. Clare initially became a lawyer to try and help people, many of whom were in difficult and upsetting situations, and as a therapist, she aims to do the same. To be able to work with people and to help them, using the skills, knowledge and intuition she has obtained, not just from her professional training, but also from her experience as a therapist for over fifteen years, is not just a pleasure but also a privilege. Clare thoroughly enjoys what she does and considers herself extremely lucky to be able to do it.

Clare has a vast range of professional qualifications, ranging from Swedish massage to Deep Tissue, Hot Stones and Indian Head massage. She is always looking for new ways to expand her knowledge and skill set as she believes we are always learning, from professionals and from each other.