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John Thorne

Offering Tai Chi movement for wellbeing, Bodywork for The Mind massage and spiritual coaching.

Bodywork for The Mind offers Taichi Movements for Wellbeing, Spiritual Coaching, and Psychospiritual Massage.

John is first and foremost a Spiritual Coach and enthusiastically seeks to transform the negative aspects of vulnerability into a more positive exploration of courage and creativity, both in himself and in those with whom he works. Through the Bodywork for the Mind John’s intention is to guide you towards the best ‘you’ you can be at this moment in your life. The full programme is founded on three pillars of transformation – Movement: Stillness: Touch

Each pillar resides in the other two, so they may each be applied individually, or as a complete life change programme.

Movement – is the sequence of movements called Taichi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) that has been adapted to a Dementia-friendly sequence offered by The Isbourne for those living with Dementia.

Stillness – is a Spiritual Coaching approach aimed at seeking the Inner Sanctuary that already resides within each of us

Touch – is fundamentally physical through a form of massage termed psychospiritual, and of course also the connection between Body and Mind.

Please note – all work for those living with Dementia is couples-based and offers benefits to both partners.

Bodywork for the Mind is the culmination of more than ten years of personal development and research aimed at demystifying holistic practices in order to guide others to a better understanding of themselves and the environment in which they find themselves.

John’s personal journey has included life-changing medical intervention, and he firmly believes in the innate healing power of the physical organism, with its connection to the wider environment of energy. He also acknowledges that the human mind can sometimes overwhelm its physical host and that through practices like TMW the physical can help retrain the mind.

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