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Svetlana Smoliajeva

Offering one-to-one Nutritional Therapy and Interval Hypoxic Therapy

Svetlana is a qualified nutritional therapist and a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. She has always been passionate about understanding the body’s biology, which has driven her career and professional qualifications. Svetlana qualified in naturopathic medicine—a discipline focused on preventing diseases and addressing the underlying causes of health issues. She studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, which provided her with a solid foundation in nutrition, health and well-being, emphasising the importance of preventative medicine and an awareness of the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Through her career in the health and well-being sector, Svetlana recognised what she thought was a crucial missing link in the UK approach to the health industry. In the UK, the typical health and well-being approach to stress often involves visiting a spa for a standard package of treatments, including a sauna, massage, or general relaxation. This approach rarely addresses a total balanced review, including nutrition, vitality, or bespoke, tailored solutions.

The UK Spa approach is very effective for providing temporary relief that may last several days until stress levels rise again. From her experience and travels, Svetlana recognised the need for a more resilient and enduring approach to stress management, vitality, health and well-being. She discovered that spas in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other European countries adopt a very different strategy and approach that has more significant lasting benefits and is more appropriate in addressing the issue of improving stress, vitality, nutrition, health and well-being.

In these countries, the strategy is to produce an individual-tailored program addressing vitality, stress reduction, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and, most importantly, incorporating intermittent hypoxia therapy that simulates the benefits of altitude training as a core element to support overall health and well-being. This revelation became the cornerstone of her practice, offering a unique solution that is currently only widespread in the UK in the performance sports sector. Hypoxic therapy through altitude training is well-known among performance athletes. It is predominantly utilised in professional sports and also in specialised medical practices as an extra vitality solution supporting a variety of health illnesses.

Svetlana is pleased to make this innovative approach available in her clinic to all sectors that can access these outstanding benefits for more than just general health and well-being. Having qualified in the application of Intermittent Hypoxic-Hyperoxic Therapy (IHHT) alongside her nutrition qualification, plus access to a network of medical experts, Svetlana is equipped to offer this groundbreaking therapy that has multiple applications from not only sports performance improvement but also including stress management, endurance, general vitality and health and well-being benefits for all.

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