Alicia Ma Ri Atu Ma

NEWSFLASH!: Alicia has partnered with Orynoco Life Force Energy Systems - a very dynamic and forward-looking company at the forefront of these new healing technologies  - to bring you something very new and very unique. Orynoco's scientists have created a special, portable quantum device for Alicia to use during her gong bath and meditation sessions. This will truly be an amazing experiment in healing, and it's a development she is very excited about...! Want to find out more about Orynoco? Click this link: https://www.mylifeforceenergy.com/

Alicia will be offering this quantum experience in all of her sessions from now on - at no additional charge, because both Orynoco and Alicia are keen to have as many people as possible interact with the system, which is also known as 'conscious tech.'

This is because the Quantum Field around the Orynoco device changes with every person who comes into contact with it, allowing it to become richer and more complex; to 'learn' and grow - but unlike AI, this is a completely organic process.

A Gong Bath is a profoundly relaxing experience. Washed by waves of sound, the body, mind and spirit enter a state of cohesion, while the vibrations of the powerful Planet Gongs and other healing instruments cause the cells to resonate sympathetically. It’s a fast track to deep meditation, perfect for quieting the busy mind, and stimulating for the body’s innate healing abilities.

If it is the first time you’ve tried the experience, the power of a Gong Bath - sometimes known as sound massage - maybe something of a surprise. The sounds of the gong vary dramatically from the quietest whisper to a primal roar; a wall of sound that resonates everything it touches, including the particles that make up our physical bodies. The Gong’s frequencies are cleansing and purifying, detoxing, relaxing, and stimulating, depending on the state in which you arrive for your session. All that is required of you is to turn up, lie down, and chill out.

The Gong Bath/ and guided meditation sessions are run by Alicia Davies, a practicing professional musician, artist and writer who was drawn to sound healing after experiencing some major life traumas of her own. She is firmly of the belief, as Edgar Cayce once said, that ‘Sound will be the future of medicine.’ Alicia completed her advanced Gong Practitioner training with Mark Swan, who trained under Don Conreaux, Grand Gong Master and the originator of the Gong Bath practice. During the recent health crisis, Alicia rebranded her business from Earth Song Sound Healing to Hush Hour.

These sessions are for anyone over the age of 18 (subject to the following health disclaimer):

Gong Baths and guided meditations are normally safe for all. However, Gong Bathing is not advised for those who are in the first or third trimester of pregnancy, have a pacemaker, or who suffer from Menieres syndrome, have a history of psychotic episodes, or who experience epileptic seizures in the state between sleeping and waking. This is because the effect of the sound vibrations and the guided meditation can act as a trigger. You are responsible for consulting your medical practitioner before attending if you have any concerns regarding your mental or physical health, and for disclosing any such conditions before the event begins. No guarantee of cure is implied, and Hush Hour cannot be held responsible for any unexpected or unwanted effects that may arise as a result of taking part in a session of Guided Meditation and/or Gong Bath. Please note: this work is not a substitute for therapy or trauma healing. Alicia is not a mental health professional, but a guide offering opportunities to enhance wellbeing and deepen personal spiritual connections and practice.

** If you are strong and reliable, love gong baths and would like to get some FREE, why not become a Karma Gong volunteer? It involves arriving early to help unload and set up, greeting people as they come in to make sure everyone has enough space, enjoying a free gong bath and meditation, then helping pack and load at the end of the session. Call or text Alicia on 07798635566

For this event, you will need to bring your own:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Cushion
  • Blanket
  • Refreshments

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply any of these for the foreseeable future.

Drop-ins can not be accommodated at this time so please book in advance.

Please note: The Isbourne operates a minimum number policy. This means that if our minimum number is not met 24 hours before the session is scheduled to run, then we reserve the right to cancel the session. If you have paid a set fee for the cancelled session, you will get a full refund. Donations are non-refundable. We, therefore, advise customers to secure their place as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. The Isbourne’s minimum number policy is under the guidance of the tutor running the session. Thank you for your understanding.