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Leah Marshall

Offering Yoga nidra & gong sessions, Art for Wellbeing, Yoga workshops and Kirtan

Leah is an artist, meditation, yoga and embodied movement practitioner, inspired by the creative connection between body, mind & creative spirit.

Qualified in Fine art, Transpersonal yoga and Neurobiology, mental health & meditation, she combines her natural creativity and intuition, to share her practices and support others with their wellness.

She believes that our digital, high speed modern lives can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves, each other and our natural environment. She teaches that through working creatively with the body-mind, we can stimulate our awareness, the natural ability for the body to heal itself, increase our creative problem solving ability, strengthen our intuition and come home to ourselves, to live a life of wellness and joy, in alignment with our true nature.

Please contact Leah if you are interested in creating a bespoke package through meditation, movement, relaxation art and sound, tailored to your individual needs.