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Feng Shui has been called the 'art of placement' and has been widely practised in China since antiquity. It is based on the belief that harmony within one's environment leads to health, harmonious relationships, good fortune and prosperity.
A trained Feng Shui consultant will visit your home, garden or office and spend time assessing your environment, sometimes with the aid of a Lo Pan, a special compass that orients the user to both earth as well as the heavens. The consultant will then advise on changes or adjustments you can make to the position of furniture, mirrors, the colours of walls and much more in order to improve the flow of energy or 'Chi'.
Many Feng Shui principles are based on common sense. For instance, to enhance your sense of security and thus promote proper rest in a bedroom, you should have a clear view of the door and thus of any potential intruders. To learn all the principles of this fascinating art takes many years and promotes a greater sensitivity to the effects of the environment on human wellbeing. 
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